Nigeria’s first cryptocurrency that can be easily accumulated and easily converted to cash (Naira) in the Palmcoin Community. Login daily to earn free 1000palmcoin (pmc) and convert it to Naira and withdraw your Naira directly to your Various bank accounts within 24hours without delay.


Accumulated Palmcoin

Users can accumulate hundreds and thousands of Palmcoin (pmc) for free by daily login in the Palmcoin community. Users gets 1000pmc (Palmcoin) for each time they login daily to their palmcoin account. Transfer palmcoin to friends and people in the Palmcoin community today to increase the value of Palmcoin as users accumulate and convert Palmcoin to Naira in the Palmcoin community.

Convert palmcoin to naira

Convert your palmcoin to Naira

convert your Palmcoin (pmc) to Naira  easily and withdraw directly to any bank account within 24hours.

signup bonus

Sign up today and get 1000palmcoin as a welcome bonus,to transfer to friends and love ones around you and also convert your palmcoin to Naira and withdraw instantly to any bank accounts o your choice within 24hours.

Peer to peer transaction

Users can transfer and receive Palmcoin (pmc) securely from one palmcoin wallet address to another palmcoin wallet address.

User Friendly

Easy to access and navigate your way around the Palmcoin community with it user friendly interface.


Withdraw To Any Bank

Convert your palmcoin to Naira and withdraw your Naira to any bank of your choice instantly within 24hours without issues


Palmcoin Community

Palmcoin is Nigeria’s first crypto currency and a community that is not controlled by anyone not even the CEO of Palmcoin or the team be hide Palmcoin. Palmcoin is controlled by every registered users depending on how each users use the Palmcoin platform. The growth and value of Palmcoin is controlled by how users of the Palmcoin community accumulate Palmcoin and convert their Palmcoin to Naira within the community.


Palmcoin Team

Our team are putting 100% effort to make sure Palmcoin (pmc) and Palmcoin community achieves it goals by making Palmcoin the most tradable Nigerian crypto currency in the country by every Nigerian.


More Information

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Palmcoin Support

Our support team are 24/7 active and ready to attend to any users in the Palmcoin community with swift responds within 24hour. Reach us now at: